A multi-layered web of illusion

ImageThe Mind is a wonderful place. It is almost unreal.

But then again, what is “real”?

Quantum physics tells us that reality is far beyond human discretion. Our rational mind and common sense are just not capable of understanding the true nature of “reality”.

Different people have different ideas on what’s real.

The information we gather through our senses form the basis of everything we know. Everything we experience passes through the filter of our minds. Which means, each one of us rely on our minds to dictate our “reality”? And since no two minds are alike, no two realities are identical.

That gives room to possibilities like; reality might just be an illusion.

If we are physically and mentally incapable of stepping outside the human experience to evaluate whether or not what we perceive is real, it may not matter. We may be trapped forever in an illusion, or our perceptions of the world may actually match up to reality.

To me, reality is the power of belief. The extent that one’s mind compels them to believe the nature and the existence of a situation determines the value of the situation to that person.

For instance, a person, who is generally perceived to be lacking passion, can create a work of passion if he believes that he is passionate for a few moments. He doesn’t have to act or behave or be passionate, just believe. For those moments that he gives form to his work he could be someone else. And for those moments, his passion is his reality.

I believe in parallel universe’. I believe in spirits. I believe in fairies. I believe in the power of sound. I believe in the physical manifestation of thought. I believe in everything I choose to believe.

I believe in the metaphysical. That forms the basis for my reality.

We only see what we want to see. We only believe what we want to believe.