Sanctum Sanctorum

Somewhere within your mind, nestled in your soliloquy is your belief. A something you take for granted. A something that has to exist or there will not be a base that supports your thoughts. Belief does not mean religion or belief in God. It could be anything. Sometimes, it is the faith you put in yourself; the belief in you and your abilities. It is only referred to as a higher power because you referencing yourself to it. It is analogous to believing that there is an X-Y frame of reference and that you exist on that plane.

The concept of belief exists irrespective of realities. If exists a relative reality, there will exist a belief.



The universe; as I see it. The universe; is the source of my belief.

Beginning with the smallest particle of matter, everything in this universe that we know to exist has associated vibrations. Imagine a box of small suspended spheres, with each sphere subtly moving back and forth in a particular axis and almost touching the nearby spheres. And small disturbance to this set up can cause a disarrangement of the existing equilibrium. A small change in vibration pattern of one sphere setting into motion an event many times the size of one sphere. Now, imagine the Universe and everything in it to be made of such small particles. Your very reality is that these small seemingly insignificant particles exist; in the very air that you breathe. And now imagine your very thoughts generating a seemingly insignificant amount of radiation. And that seemingly insignificant radiation changes the vibrational characteristics of the invisible-to human-eye-particles it comes into contact with. And now imagine the series of events that change has set into motion. Your thoughts have set into motion an event. The thoughts that you assumed could exist with little disturbance to anything but yourself. Your thoughts have power. The ability to alter the universe, setting into motion a seemingly insignificant event that eventually materializes into something comprehensible.

I am yet to understand how particular thoughts set into motion related events.

Then again, it is not so easy to understand the universe.