An open letter to Woody Allen.

A panel from Stuart Hample's Inside Woody Alle...

A panel from Stuart Hample’s Inside Woody Allen comic strip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For a while now, I have been wondering how to reach you. I even considered creating a twitter account for that purpose, since stories have told me that it might be the idea with the best results. I have since declared it an invalid argument.

Getting to the point: you and I ought to meet. Or talk. Because, the ultimate motive for my need to contact you is to make conversation and I am sure that we will have lots of it.  Between the two of us, we have beauty, sarcasm, wit and genius. And of course, neither of us wants be around for death and may want to live forever. (And then some more.)   All of that formulates an absolutely wonderful cocktail for a sensational repartee.

Moreover, funny, was the first thing I sought when I found out that I was going to live in this world. After intelligence and a pretty face of course. Obviously, because it turns out, if one of those aspects fails to work, the other definitely will.

I am going to watch Annie Hall now. Because, only your rudimentary and blatant stories make me feel like there are some things right in this world.

P.S. As much as you don’t want to die, I don’t want you to die (yet).  Maybe you won’t. I am reading Richard Bach.


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