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Sugar, spice and everything nice,

Just too mundane and a lot of lies.

You are Stardust, magic and infinite.

You are not just human,

You are the culmination of beauty, madness, creativity, complexity.

You are everything contained in a fleshy body,

You are more than the decaying skin and bones.

You are the juxtaposition of creation and the infinite.

You are boundless.

You are how you perceive,

You cannot be perceived.

You are anything you want to be,

You are endless possibilities.

You don’t understand yourself,

You experience yourself and your limitlessness.

You are the secret,

You are the treasure.

You are nothing,

You are everything.

Your mind is fathomless,

Your mind is the macrocosm.

Your source is inexhaustible,

Your source is the universe.

So, tap into it.


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