The Day I Stole The Sun


You never stay the night, but you’re always here¬†in the morning.

Tickling my face; waking me up.

I open my eyes to find you staring at me, sigh

You’re here, I have to wake now.

You try to follow me around, I try to shut you out

Showing up at breakfast, watching me put on my shoes,

I throw on a cardigan and walk out the door,

There you are again, acting like the day is all yours.

You annoy me a little, I try not to look at you.

You follow me to my favorite spot on the grass.

All the while tugging at my sweater, kissing my face,

Tickling my neck and my back.

I lay on the grass propped up against a tree to read,

I am hiding from you, and I can feel you trying to get to me.

It’s midday, you’ve managed to sneak up from behind me, the tree is useless now.

You start bothering me again, making me uncomfortable,

I take my sweater off.

My arms bare, you can’t resist, you kiss my hands, my elbows, my shoulders,

I still can’t look at you, but I can’t stop you either.

A cold breeze sneaks up between us, a cloud separating you from me for a moment,

And In that moment I knew, I wanted to feel you again.

There have been days that I have hated you, wished you went away,

Ran from you, hid behind trees, and inside buildings.

Then there were days that you hid, and I couldn’t feel you,

Those days have been so many recently that I almost miss you.

The breeze blows over, I can feel you again.

This time, I don’t fight you,

I embrace every kiss, every caress.

You soak my back in your warmth.

It’s been winter too long and I have missed you,

But today; today is the day I steal the Sun.