A Restive Mind

She was annoyed. There seemed to be a constant chatter; too many voices and more opinions.

Suddenly, she realized she was alone; everything around her was silent.

That’s when she knew; there was more chaos in the inside than the outside.

Another world, Another Time


I am in a room and everything is in grey-scale.
I see traffic; vehicles that think they are going somewhere, but are they really?
I am in the room again; I have a book in my hand.
We are a-stop, a roadblock; aren’t we always?
I see myself in the room with that book in my hand. I look calm.
Back, in prime traffic. I see my face reflected on the window, the haste of getting to my destination on time. Destination?

This time, I am at a natural pool at the base of a spring; brown and green.
In a boxy office space, glum faces stare into their computer screens.
I leap into the pool; my hearing dulls in the water.
My eardrums cringe at the noise from the incessant punching on keyboards and clicks on the mouse.
I emerge for air now, the cool water surrounds my senses; breathe.
I see my own computer screen and my own hands flying ceaselessly over my keyboard.

Now, I am flying over a vast nothingness.
Back to my room, filled with familiar objects, each questioning their purpose.
I can feel the wind on my face; a-swoosh and a- roar.
Dinner; Oft exciting but dull today. Some salt with vegetables.
I can feel the chill in my bones, and the sun warming my skin. Wait, it is night in my world right?
The moon is out, the sky is brown with pollution and I see no stars.

I close my eyes once more with great trepidation for I won’t open them for at least another few hours.
I can’t wait to see where my unconscious mind takes me this time.
I close my eyes and meet my reality.

Chaos Theory

I wish I could lie on grass that won’t prick me.
I wish I could ride on a cloud that will hold me.
I wish I could feel the sun on my skin and it won’t burn me.
I wish I could lay at the edge of the earth and not be afraid.

Afraid that I may fall over,
Afraid that there won’t be one to catch me,
Afraid that I may be lost,
Afraid that I may not want to be found.

Found for my insecurities,
Found for my deficiencies,
Found for my imagination,
Found for all my strengths.

Strengths that hold me together,
Strengths that give me courage,
Strengths that keep me independent,
Strengths that give me conviction; I can change the world.

Sheltered Intensity

For You are the air that feeds my fire;
And You are Oxygen that helps me grow.
Without You, my Dear;
I fear that I may be no more than a lightless, sinking glow.

Let’s Bunjee Jump Together

Let’s first be bound together, tight and secure.
Let’s look into each other’s eyes and know that this is what it should be, this is where we are supposed to be.
Let’s seek that comfort of feeling protected in each other’s arms.
Let’s kiss like it is our last.
Let’s smile for what was and what will be.
Let’s smile in anticipation of more.
Let’s feel the butterflies grow greater in number, the ones we give each other along with the new ones that are birthed in excitement of our leap of faith.
Let’s hope that the chord that binds us together can handle our two fiery souls in union.
Let’s hold our hands and make the jump, one more reluctant than the other. We are in it together.
Let’s jump knowing we either live alive or die alive.
Let’s be the moment.


Let’s feel the turbulence in air around us.
Let’s first fear for our safety.
Let’s close our eyes for a moment and then, let it all sink in.
Let’s allow the air to surround us.
Let’s be pulled apart for a moment.
Let’s then open our eyes and embrace it all.
Let’s lose our inhibitions and scream in the thrill.
Let’s feel the rush of the air, and the pull towards each other.
Let’s see the ground accelerating towards us.
Let’s almost hit bottom.
Let’s then bounce back to the world as it is, and then, repeat.

A Dream A Day


In a dim-lit room, lay a maiden asleep,
her legs drawn to her chest with a pillow between;
a gentle light reveals thought on her face;
Irregular breathing; must be a dream.

Her dreams are a thing of enchantment; she waits for them all day;
Her dreams are always an escapade, each one better than the other;
Her dreams are oft fantastic, breathtaking and unbelievable;
Her dreams destroy the line between real and illusion.

But then, there are those dreams that can only be dreams;
And then there are those that echo her deepest fears;
And those that show her truth, however bitter;
And those that are better off being just dreams.

She dreamt of the Halley’s Comet once and flesh-eating dinosaurs;
She dreamt of betrayal and of being trapped;
She dreamt of bliss; in bright colors;
She dreamt of problems and unearthed solutions.

Each dream, she thought, made her live a little more;
Each dream, she thought, was a parallel world;
Each dream, she thought, was a journey;
Each dream, she thought, was real in this illusive world.